This is the second of my two favorite scenes, as mentioned in my previous review, I just think it is a brilliantly made chase scene, it was made in 1991 and I still don’t think I have seen a better foot chase scene, as it immerses you into the actual chase, following the tracks of both Swayze and Reeves. You can even hear at points Reeve’s deep breathing, showing he is struggling, giving you an idea of the level of fitness of both men.

Keanu Reeves is a vampire.




Now, look at this:

That’s “Paul Mounet”, a french actor, who “died” in 1922.

His body never was found.

Then, look at this:

An unknown man, painted in 1530 by Parmigianino.

Compare them:


That explains why he’s sad. He’s cursed with immortality, and everyone he ever loves will die in his infinite lifetime.

This changes everything I ever thought about his performance in Dracula. And also, I wonder whether when he played Ted in “Bill & Ted” in the first film, whether he recommended the looks and style of each historical figure, as he was around at the time….

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And finishing up the Al Pacino Day was originally going to be the 1993 released “Scent Of A Woman”, which is 2 hours and 37 minutes long.

However, due to unexpected circumstances, we will be replacing this with the 1997 released “The Devil’s Advocate”, which is 2 hours and 23 minutes long.



Water in the bottle. Wine in the glass.

Keanu jesus

Oh this is just….awesome hahahaha.

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I don’t care how little you may like the sequels, the first Matrix is still good, and impressive….after all, it gets a good performance out of Keanu Reeves :o, and for £1.99, it’s worth the buy :)