30 Days Of Crushes: Day 30 - Biggest Overall Crush.

Without any surprise, it is Sarah Michelle Gellar. Everything about her has always been beautiful to me. Yes, she has had occasions where she has been TOO skinny, but most of the time she has been fine.

She has dainty, feminine features that make her seem soft and…delicate. And yet she also represents the sort of woman with great inner strength, able to defend herself and be proud of who she is, ready to face anything, a great role model for a woman or child.

She has what looks like soft hair to stroke, as well as gentle eyes that entrap you as soon as you look into them.

But also, she has expressive features that convey more then she could ever say. She seems confident in both a sexual manner, able to look bewitching in sqimsuits, as well as looking demure in more smart attire, able to balance both her beauty and intelligence.

Basically, she just seems like a dream woman, who could stand on her own two feet but would also love and cherish a man she loved. Overall? She just seems amazing.

And that is my Overall Crush, rounding up the 30 Days of Crushes :).

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