Title: The Transporter 2

Number: Eleven.

Director: Louis Leterrier.

Writer: Luc Besson & Robert Mark Kamen.

Genre: Action.

Released: 2005

Seen on: DVD.

Seen Before: Never.

Starring: Jason Statham, Matthew Modine, Amber Valleta, Kate Nauta.

Running Time: 90 minutes.

Favorite Performance: Jason Statham as Frank Martin.

Favorite Line: "Hold on. Just came out of the dry cleaners." Frank undresses in order to feel more comfortable before he beats up 4 attempted carjackers.

Favorite Moment: When Frank breaks into the villain’s mansion, several thugs use all their bullets destroying Frank’s car. They then see him run into the garage. They want to get more bullets, but unfortunately, they’d have to go into the garage.

Thoughts: The difference between this one and the previous is that this is more in the vein of ‘Crank’, over the top fight scenes and action, explosions, a bomb on the bottom of a car gets hooked off upside down by a crane, Frank beats up a thug with watermelons on his hands, you get the idea.

Despite the more over the top style, if you enjoyed the first, you will enjoy this, just as enjoyable, with a more emotionally charge storyline. In this, Frank isn’t saving a woman he just met, but instead a young boy he’s driven around for a month and gotten close to. The relationship was an interesting change to the story, and gave Statham a more human performance in comparison to the over the top superman qualities he shows off here.

Matthew Modine & Amber Valleta were a solid supporting couple, their relationships with Frank could have been caricatures but with two solid performances, it feels much realer than could have been. Kate Nauta is the first villain I would really remember from the series so far, but more for her appearance than her performance.

If you enjoyed the first, you will enjoy this, Statham, Leterrier and Besson a good team creating solid and fun action movies.

Thumbs Up, 7 out of 10.

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