"Joyride" by Jim Gillespie is a brilliantly unnerving short horror film. Gillespie would use this film to go on to direct "I Know What You Did Last Summer", and yet ironically, he did much better with a ten minute short film. In this film, an unnamed power-line repairman leaves work to drive home, but after stopping to help someone on the road, he is tied up and thrown into the boot of his car, with his fate to be decided.

I loved this short film, I thought it told a great realistic tale in a short amount of time. The fact that it is an unnamed character actually makes it more terrifying, as it could be anyone, and the lack of reason or rhyme from the two psychopaths makes the ending difficult to guess. It also feels that the reaction of the protagonist is still realistic, a desperate but determined everyday man who will do whatever to survive. The fact you don’t even need to know any details about the character yet you still feel on edge is a compliment to the writing and directing of Gillespie. Highly recommended.

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